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August flew by so quickly and it was full of anxiety because I will fly out of the country soon. I was told that it would be this September-October and part of me is feeling a bit excited and lonely since I will be parting with my family and friends at home. This would be my first time to travel alone across the country and it’s also making me nervous so hopefully, all goes well! *fingers crossed* 

Today's post is going to be a little bit different compare to my usual beauty reviews, hauls and favorites. To add some spice, I decided to add some style on my blog since I've loved taking flatlay photos of my clothes lately. When I was in college, I was having fun mixing and pairing up my clothes so I think this will be a great addition on my blogging journey.

I don't have the best description to describe my style in clothing but I love wearing jeans and flannel/plaid tops. I occasionally wear dresses if I'll be attending some events but I prefer wearing simple dresses that are not too sexy. My fashion icon would be Luanna because I fell in-love with her red hair and outfits. Everything about her hair, style, makeup and massive collection of boots are literally GOALS!!!

Here at Philippines, we have 'pambahay' clothes (house clothes) that we use when we only stay at home. I mostly wear t-shirts and shorts when I got nothing to do but if I have to run some errands, I will change into my casual clothing. Moving on, I will share today the outfits that I wore this August; excluding my pambahay clothes. "Lol"

1st Outfit

Top: Pastel Pink Kitty Shirt (bought from Jewels)
Bottom: Ripped Jeans with Patch (bought from SM Store)
Shoes: Something Borrowed Lemons and Palm trees white sneakers (bought thru ZaloraPH)
Accessories: Black Glasses | Gold rings, earrings and heart necklace

2nd Outfit
Top: Floral Shirt (bought from Jewels)
Bottom: Ripped Skinny Jeans with Patches (bought from SM Store)
Shoes: Kicks White Sneakers (bought from SM Store)
Accessories: Green and Black glasses (from the SM Store)
Wallet: Red Hide On You Mini Wallet (from Charis)
Makeup: Used the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette, Tony Moly Tony Tint #2, City Color Be Matte Blush and Benefit They're Real Mascara

3rd Outfit
Top: White sleeveless (bought from a store at Alimall) | Zalora Blue Tassel Kimono 
Bottom: Black Shorts (bought from SM Store)
Shoes: Something Borrowed Lemons and Palm trees white sneakers (bought thru ZaloraPH)

4th Outfit
Top: SM Woman Long Sleeves Polka dots Denim Polo
Bottom: Ripped Jeans 
Shoes: Something Borrowed White Sneakers (bought thru ZaloraPH)
Accessories: Black eyeglasses


I hope you enjoyed reading this post and hopefully, this will be the start of creating OOTD/OOTN shot for my blog. Did you eye any of my clothing? Which one is your favorite outfit? Feel free to comment below. See you again on my next post loves! ♥

Remember that beauty blossoms within you!

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