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Hey there loves! Welcome to yet another haul from Ilahui Korea which I recently discover from a nearby mall at my place. It is basically a Korean store that offers a wide range of products like beauty, fashion and mobile accessories, household, stuff toys, apparel and many more. I have a love interest in this kind of concept store because I get to see and discover items that I haven't tried yet. 

I only got a few items that I need and I recently told myself that I should only get products that I will actually use instead of hoarding stuffs that I will not be using. "It's funny on how I kept saying this to myself every year. Haha" Well, enough with the ramblings and let us proceed on my haul! 😉

A nearby mall is just a couple minutes away from my nephew's school so my mom would spend her time at the mall while waiting for my nephew. She then discovered this Korean store at Alimall, Cubao and told me about it since she knows how much I love shopping. "And of course it's Korean! Waaah"

Since I love shopping in this kind of concept store, I won't be surprise to see items that are pretty much the same in other stores so it wouldn't hurt to check it out. I was planning on capturing pictures of the products that they offer but taking photos is not allowed. Oh well, at least I can share some items that I've purchased from them!

Things I got:
 My laptop mouse (₱149) is still good but sometimes the buttons are acting up so I decided to get a new one. After a week, I noticed that my new mouse moves on its own so I went back with my old one. 😞 I tested it at their store before adding it on my basket and it works fine but I just feel sad that my money is wasted.
 DIY Beauty Bowl Set (₱99) that is definitely worth all my purchase! I was actually looking for a facial brush that I can use whenever I apply my face mask/clay mask products. Luckily, I saw a set from their store that comes with a mask bowl, stick, brush and measuring spoons. I haven't use this yet but I will let you guys know!
 Water or Tea tumbler (₱149) for my nephew which he will be using on his school. Last month, my nephews' brand new tumbler fell on the floor and water started leaking out so we had to get a new one. The tumbler comes in mint and peach shade and I'm eyeing on getting the peach one for myself. My inner self told me to get the items that I will need since I will be out of the country soon so I was able to hold back myself. Phew 😌
 The Magic Flower lipstick (₱249) caught my attention since I love flowers. 🌺 It comes in 3 shades and this is the darkest out of the three. I use to have a magic lipstick way back when I was still in high school and this brings back many memories.

These are just the few items that I got from Ilahui Korea and definitely recommending this to my friends. Have you visited their store yet?

Remember that beauty blossoms within you.

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