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Hey there bloomers! ๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ’— I can't believe that it's already the month of August and the BER months are fast approaching. Like Filipinos says, "Amoy Pasok na!" and when you translate it in English, it actually means "It smells like Christmas already!" I wish I could spend my Christmas time here at home but I might be spending it somewhere else. If you have read my Life Update post, then you'll probably know where I'm coming from.

Recently, Althea Korea launched their first ever product called the Althea Petal Velvet Powder. If you don't know what Althea Korea is, it is basically your one-stop shop for K-beauty products which I already featured quite a few times on my previous posts. I've always been their avid fan so I was really thrilled upon receiving this on the mail.

Price: 210.00
Net Weight: 3g
Shade: Translucent
Availability: Althea Korea

How to Use: Pick up the product with a brush or puff provided and gently sweep onto the skin.

  • Makeup setting and long wearing
  • Micro-fine particles and soft, smooth texture
  • Sebum control and pore blurring
  • Natural and cruelty-free ingredients
Althea's Petal Velvet Powder is made with micro-fine particles that minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines to reveal a flawless, petal-like complexion. Its translucent and perfecting qualities also create a satin finish that mattifies without dehydrating the skin.

One of its main ingredients is Althea flower which revitalizes the skin with natural goodness from Korea. Althea flower seed extract is full of antioxidants that protect the skin's barrier from dehydration and rejuvenate the skin for a beautiful complexion.

The powder comes in a cute frosted container with a pastel pink cover on top and a mini soft puff. The size can be compared to my everyday compact powders that fit nicely inside my bag. Good thing that it's small and not bulky as I prefer bringing travel size products in my kikay kit. (kikay means girly)

Upon opening the product, I poured some of the powder under the cap and noticed how it's finely milled and velvety which reminds me of Johnson's baby powder that I used to have. It's easy to get the product out but you have to be careful on tapping the powder to avoid any mess. I remember using it one time and saw the powder flew all over my vanity table and pants. I was wearing a dark pants at that moment and it was kinda hard to remove it.

The powder has a sweet floral scent to it which somehow reminds me of Sampaguita.  I am not a big fan of floral scented products as it makes my nose itchy however; the scent fades over a few minutes so I won't mind using it. 

I used a damp beauty sponge to set my under eye concealer and laugh lines so there will be no creasing. After a few minutes, I then sweep it off all over my face. If you'll be doing your eye makeup, then leave the powder on your under eyes so you can just brush away the fall outs from your eye shadow.

I took a photo on my before and after application if you look close on the image below, it made my skin smootherSince the shade of the powder is translucent, it made my skin brighter. It is lightweight and doesn't feel heavy on the skin. For a moment, I was really happy when I saw how it made my skin smooth like a silk fabric. "Well, don't you feel happy when your skin looks perfectly smooth! Lol" 

My pores aren't that big but you will mostly see them from my cheeks, chin, nose and a bit on my forehead. The fact that the powder blurred out my pores is just amazing! There are also speck of shimmers found on the powder but they are unnoticeable unless you stare at yourself from the mirror. There are also no creasing seen from my under eyes and laugh lines. 

I took a photo of myself under natural lighting and with a flash from my camera to see if it's good. My skin looks so much better from the photo taken under natural lighting and on the other hand, I look like a geisha on the photo taken with a camera flash. I just noticed that there's a bit of white cast on the sides of my eyes and a bit on top of my nose.

The weather here at Philippines is neither hot nor cold (start of rainy season) and I stayed in my room the whole day. The powder can hold the sebum on my face for 3 hours and more sebum will add more from the next coming hours. 

I also tried using it when I went to the mall (air conditioned) and I did not re-touch my face for 3 hours as well. There's not much difference then even if I stay in an air-conditioned and unair-conditioned room since both of them can hold my makeup for 3 hours. Just keep in mind that an oil control sheet and a face powder is a must have if you're going to re-touch your makeup.

But the good thing is, my under eyes and laugh lines did not crease. It did a great job on setting them on place without that ugly creasing on my face. "Woohoo!!!"

Overall thoughts, this powder has a great chance on competing with other setting powders like from Innisfree. The packaging is really cute and travel friendly. It made my skin flawless and silky smooth without making it feel dry. My under eyes and laugh lines tends to crease but this time, they were set in place. Pores that can be seen on my skin were blurred out instantly. I'm not a big fan of the floral scent it have but it goes away over time. Just be careful on using this powder because it can be quite messy and hard to clean up. I just hope that one day; they will come up with a bigger size since I prefer buying products that would last me long enough. 

I do have oily skin and I expected that they would last long on my t-zone area but they started to melt in just 3 hours. There are plenty of loose powder that can control sebum so better opt with a good one that can withstand the oil from your skin. 

I would love to recommend it if you're going to use it on areas you want to look brighter. (when you're baking) Setting my under eye concealer and laugh lines works best for me so definitely loving this powder. By the way, it is cruelty-free since they used natural ingredients on making this powder.

And that is the end of my full thoughts on the Althea Petal Velvet Powder. I hope you enjoyed reading my review. See you again on my next one! :)

Have you tried this powder yet? What are your thoughts? Did it work for you? Let me know below! ♥

Note: Please take note that we have different skin types so the product may or may not work for everyone.

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