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YAY!!!!! It's been awhile since I did a haul on my blog and I am excited to share with you lovelies the stuffs that I got from Miniso. I already posted it on my youtube channel a few weeks ago since editing a video is quiet easy compare to taking pictures and make a post for my blog. "Well, that's just me so maybe others find blogging easier than doing a vlog. Hehe" 

I believe that you have already heard of them since they've already opened plenty of branches across the globe. And since I am living at the Philippines, I will share with you the items that I got from Miniso Philippines. If you came across my videos, you probably know them already since I featured them on my vlogs. Anyways, enough with my non-stop chatter and let us proceed with my haul.

My mom and I love shopping so we were both surprised that Miniso has a branch at SM Cubao. I was really excited to browse all their products and it was full of beauty and cute items that I like. "I could stay for hours here. Haha" It's one of the nearest branches at my place so it wouldn't hurt a bit if I always visit their store.

If you are interested on watching my Miniso Haul video, I will leave the link below.


Miniso Cap - ₱199.00

I went and had a vacation at Baguio a few months ago and it came in handy especially when I'm walking under the sun and when the rain starts pouring. Luckily, the panel of the cap is made from a silk material and the navy blue shade makes the dirt less visible. On the other hand, the bill of the cap is made in pink cotton material which complements the cap more. I didn't expect that the combination of these two colors on the cap will suit me. I just had to be careful on handling my cap since dirt is quite visible on pink.

Miniso Peach Foot Cover with bear (2 pairs) - ₱99.00

This is is one of the cutest socks that I saw from their store. "Ahhh the bear is too cute to resist!" I love pastel colors so the bear and peach color of the sock attracted me to buy it. It's not your ordinary foot ocover since the materials is quite same with your everyday socks. I already tried using it for a day and they were very soft and comfortable to wear.

Miniso Gray Foot Cover (3 pairs) - ₱99.00

I've been wearing foot socks ever since I went to college and they were kinda my thing when I don't prefer wearing my thick socks. They are perfectly good to wear on times when you're wearing your favorite flat shoes; however, it can be infuriating when they keep on sliding off. "All my foot socks kept on sliding on my foot. Grrr... Story of my life. Haha" Do you hate it too?

Miniso 100 piece Painting Puzzle - ₱99.00

I remember when I used to play a puzzle game online and it would take me for hours just to put the pieces together since I'm playing a 500 piece puzzle game. I just find it relaxing and fun so when I saw this 100 piece puzzle from Miniso, I immediately added it inside my cart. The image looks like a painting and somehow, I am attracted to the colors from this puzzle. To add on, I am quite mesmerized when I browse aurora light pictures on my Instagram (#auroralights) so it's also one of the reasons why I bought it. "I'm also playing it with my nephew."

Miniso Hair Turban - ₱99.00

A hair turban which I will be using when I do my makeup and skincare routine. It will be a great help to prevent unnecessary hair flying off my face. "And of course, it's in pastel so why not take one home. Hehe"

Miniso Eyelash Curler - ₱99.00

My old eyelash curler gave up on me so I was planning to get a cheap one for myself and saw this one from Miniso. I love how it lifts my eyelashes and do better than my previous one. It also comes with a spare rubber so definitely worth the purchase.

Miniso False Eyelashes - ₱99.00

This reminds me of the Taiwan false lashes which you could affordably buy at Divisoria for only 50. I was planning to get these falsies but never got the chance to go at Divisoria so I added these two on my cart. I got a thick one which I will be using when I attend parties and natural looking lashes for an everyday makeup look. 

Miniso Face Brush - ₱99 - ₱149.00

I also bought a manual cleansing face brush which I will be using whenever I wear a heavy makeup. They offer electric cleansing facial brush but I stick with the manual brush since its way cheaper. The bristles are very soft but I don't feel like its cleaning my face enough compare to my previous facial brush. 

Miniso Ring Bracket - ₱99.00

I hate it when my phone falls on the floor and that mini heart attack is terrifying especially when you're at the mall. Got 2 pairs for only 99; however, I still haven't attached it yet on my phone since my current phone case is bulky and it has a mini mirror at the back. I will still look for a smooth phone case that I will like so I can attach this phone bracket. 

Miniso Kiddie Socks (2 pairs) - ₱99.00

I didn't expect that I can get 2 cool pairs of socks for a very affordable price for my nephew. They are very soft and thick too so it's definitely worth the purchase. I love my nephew so much so there's no way that I wouldn't get something for him. 

And that is it for my haul from Miniso and I hope you enjoyed reading my post. You can see their branches HERE if you are interested on dropping by their store.

Have you ever visited Miniso? What are your latest buys? What are your favorite purchases from them? Any recommendations? Feel free to share them below ☺

For more info about Miniso Philippines:
Instagram: @miniso_ph
Facebook: @minisophilippines

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