LIFE UPDATE | Achievement + New Beginnings and Goodbyes

8:28:00 AM
Hey there loves! Today's post is going to be a little bit different but don't worry since I thought about it a lot of times before sharing it here. I rarely post my life events here but it wouldn't hurt if you lessen the burdens you are carrying. 

Yesterday, we finally reached 200,000 views on the blog. 😊❤️ I am awed and happy from reaching another milestone. A massive thanks to all the people who have supported and watched my blogging journey. *throws confetti* 🙌🎉 

Recently, I was feeling down due to a negative bond I have with someone I used to know. It took me countless nights to go every detail and always end up with me, being the first one to do the move. "Asan yung effort niya?" 🤕 So I asked myself, why would you initiate contact with a person who does not value the moments you had together? It’s sad that I have to distance myself, close the chapter and start a new one. Funny how all those years of your life that you wasted was not valued by that person and all of it will eventually fade.💔 

Moving on, I’ve been keeping this to myself for about 2 months which made my days and nights super stressful. Tbh, my thoughts are always flying due to this. (until now) I might be out of the country this August but no exact date yet since I am still working my papers. Who knows how long will I stay there. I’m hoping that I can still enjoy the remaining weeks I have here. (hopefully it will be move) 🙏 It has always been my mom and nephew at home so definitely I will cry hard if ever I bid farewell to them. 😭 As much as I wanted to go, it's hard to let go. 

Starting today, appreciate what makes you happy and remember that good things are coming! 

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